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Weighted Front Door

- Your cover's front door can be weighted with a wooden dowel, which allows you to easily fold up or roll up and out of the way. There is a sewn hole for easy removal of the dowel when you want to wash the cover.

+ 7.20 for short end door

+10.20 for side door

​Buttons (2 each corner):

- Buttons prevent the cover from slipping off of the kennel, and the chance of your pup pulling the cover in, near impossible! These are a discrete option and are a step up from the velcro fasteners, allowing for more of a secure hold.​

- If you would like additional button fasteners for a more secure hold, it is an additional 1.90 per button

Coordinating Food Placemat

- If you would like a pet food placemat, you can request this when sending me your kennel's info and upgrades.
+ 5.99 Small: approximately 15" x 11"
+ 7.99 Medium: approximately 19" x 13"
+ 9.99 Large: approximately 23" x 14"
+ Custom Sizing is available. See pricing

​Bordered Cover
The Bordered Cover allows for only the door to flip up, leaving panels (the sides next to the the door) down. This helps in giving your pup more of an enclosed space and gives the wire kennel more total coverage. Please measure your kennel and send the dimensions upon checkout in the "notes to seller". Check out finished covers here!​

Standard Options (Included):

  • One short-side (width) single door opening 
  • Full coverage on the other 3 sides
  • Button or Velcro fasteners (2 each corner)
  • Your choice of Fabric (up to 10.00 per yard needed for your kennel size is included, anything over that price is covered by the buyer​)

Velcro (2 each corner):

- Velcro helps in securing the cover from slipping off of the kennel and reduces the chance of your pup pulling the cover into the kennel.​

- If you would like additional velcro fasteners for more of a secure hold, it is an additional 1.75 per fastener

Change of Body Inner-Lining Color

- A standard cover comes with a light-weight, 100% cotton, unbleached muslin. This option allows you  to change the body's inner lining to a solid color of your choice.

+ 7.20-14.20 (depending on size of kennel)


- You can add pockets onto the back or side of your cover to hold your dogs leash, treats, etc. These pockets line the entire side, and are 9-12" deep, depending on cover size. (you can also request a specific depth)

+ 10.20 Back Pockets

+ 12.20 Side Pockets

Change of Inner-Door Lining

- If you would like the inner lining of the door to be a different patterned upholstery fabric, there is an additional fee due to that additional fabric that will need to be purchased.

+ 5.20  for short end door (per door)

+ 7.20 for long end door (per door)

Top Border Above the Door with Door Fasteners:
- This option comes with 2 straps attached by velcro to the front top of your kennel's door to keep it rolled securely on the front of the border of your kennel. You will want to measure from the top of your kennel to the top of your door for the width of the border.
+ 25.20 (per door) 
      * This option is recommended only for kennels with space between the top of the kennel and above the door.


These fasteners help in securing the cover onto your kennel. It assists in preventing your pup from pulling the cover into the crate, falling off, as well as preventing it from "flapping out" so it lays nicely against the kennel. Please send the measurements in the "Notes to Seller" box upon checkout for two placements from the top of the kennel to a spot that is towards the top of the kennel (~4-8" from the top) and a spot towards the bottom of the kennel (~4-8" from the bottom), avoiding any horizontal bars and hooks. This will ensure the accuracy for the fitting of the cover.

Fabric Choices:

Fabric cost (up to 10.00/yd) is included in the total price; anything over 10.00 per yard will be covered by the buyer. If you have any questions regarding a specific fabric, don't hesitate to ask! (Note that fabric choice depends on the store's availability and I will contact you if your fabric choice is not available) You can find fabric choices here:


Additional Double-Sided Door

-  This gives you the option to flip up more than one side of your cover and have both sides with the outer shell's fabric choice showing (instead of the lining).

​+10.20 if you would like the other shorter side to be the additional door. 
+15.20 if you would like the longer side to be the additional door.

Snaps (2 each corner):

- Snaps also prevent the cover from slipping off of the kennel, and the chance of your pup pulling the cover in, near impossible! These are a discrete option and have a clean look, allowing for a secure hold

-If you would like additional snap fasteners for even more of a secure hold, it is an additional 1.50 per snap


- You can now add a name, initials, or other words to your kennel cover! Please contact me if you have a specific size, color or font you would like before purchasing and I can provide a quote. Find more pictures of finished embroidered covers here. The following estimates are in black "block" font, filling the space per square inch:
+ 15.20 for 2" high Embroidery 
+ 20.20 for 3" high Embroidery
+ 25.20 for 4" high Embroidery

Door Fasteners

- You can add fasteners to the your cover's doors to keep them securely rolled on the top of your kennel

+ 15.20 (per door) for 2 grosgrain ribbon ties of your color choice

+ 17.20 (per door) for 2 grosgrain ribbon straps of your color choice with Velcro to fasten the door up

Longer Side as Door

- A standard cover comes with the short end (width) of your kennel as the door. If you use the longer side of your kennel, and would like it to be the "door", there is an additional fee due to the additional fabric and labor that will need to be purchased.