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Kennel Length

When measuring for the length, (long horizontal end/side), measure from the edge of the  left side of the kennel to the edge of the right side (bar to bar)​

Bordered Panel Measurements

When measuring for the panel on the left side of the door, measure from the left edge of the kennel to the bar BEFORE the door.

When measuring for the panel on the right side of the door, measure from the right bar BEFORE the door, to the edge of the kennel​

If you refer to the images, displayed in 
RED, I would set my kennel's bordered measurements at 5" for the border on the left side of the door, and 13.5" for the border on the right side.

Door Measurements

I will add the measurements you get from the left and right panels and subtract them from the full length of the side you are using as the door to get the door measurements.​

Measuring Your Kennel

Before purchasing your kennel cover, please double check your kennel's measurements (regardless of what the box says). Price is based on the longest measurement (Length) of your kennel.

- This page explains and shows how to properly measure your kennel's dimensions for the standard cover, the cover with borders, and the placements for the button and velcro fasteners.

Kennel Width

When measuring for the width (short horizontal end), measure from the edge of the left side of the kennel to the edge of the right side (bar to bar)​

Kennel Height

When measuring for the height (vertical measurement), measure from the floor up to the edge of the bar at the top of the kennel

For button or velcro fasteners, you will need to send measurements for two (2) placements from the top of the kennel to a spot that is towards the top (~4-8" from the top), and a spot towards the bottom (~4-8" from the bottom), avoiding any horizontal bars and hooks (displayed in BLUE). This will ensure the accuracy for the fitting of the cover. These fasteners cover all four corners for a secure hold.

- ​If you refer to the image, as you can see displayed with the RED markings, I would set my kennel's fastener's at 5" for the top fastener, and 15.5" for the bottom fastener.